Double Bubble Slot Online

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You are always going to find a slot game to play that will offer you a theme you like the look of, and when it comes to sporting themed slot games Microgaming have dozens of different ones available on all of their many different gaming platforms.

If you enjoy playing the occasional round of golf then the Double Bubble slot game will certainly appeal to you for this is one of Microgaming’s 20 optional payline slots which comes with a golfing theme! You can play it for many different staking options as the coin values, number of coins and the paylines are all fully adjustable. Make sure however you play as many lines as you can to increase your winning chances.

This is a bonus game awarding slot game, in fact there is not just one single bonus game which you can trigger and get to play off there are two of them, we have a full overview of how those bonus games are triggered and awarded and how you will then be able to play them off below, and also listed below is what you can win off the base game and the RTP of this slot!

No Wild Symbols – If you are interested in playing the Double Bubble slot game then please do for we think you are going to like the way it plays and pays. However, one reel symbol that you will not find in play on any of its five video reels is wild symbols. As this slot does boast a very high payout percentage you war not going to notice the lack of a wild symbol and the base game winning combinations will spin in often enough and the bonus games do trigger regularly!

15000 Coin Jackpot – The Lucky Shot slot game has a 15000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Lego symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 15000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Lucky Shot slot by another 15000 coins!

Bonus Feature – You need to spin three or more adjacent Gopher symbols to be able to get to play the first bonus feature round available on the Tiki Island game. That bonus game is a simple pick to win round and when playing it off you can win up to 60000 coins, plus by spinning in three or more of those symbols a scatter pays winning payout is also awarded to you!

Free Spins – There is an additional set of scatter symbols are attached to the reels of this slot game and those symbols are the Golf Buggy bonus symbols. Get three or more of those scatter symbols adjacent to one another on any one single base game spin you play off and you are then randomly awarded with between 9 and 18 free spins on which all payouts are doubled!

Payout Percentage – With such a huge jackpot on offer and those two unique bonus games which can both in their own right payout some very significant amounts of cash you have probably already made up your mind to give this slot game some play time online!

If you have then one additional aspect to playing it which will probably make you want to start playing it straight away is that it comes with a very high and very attractive payout percentage, and we are happy to let you know that payout percentage is 95.80%!

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